A downloadable Petscop for Windows

This is a recreation of Petscop an online webseries which is based on a PS1 game. sadly Petscop is unplayable. That is why a group of people and I are recreating Petscop. Currently, the game is in alpha. during this stage there will be no development on the story.  We will be mainly working on key features such as animations.

Discord: https://discord.gg/T8WgMSU

Engine: Gamemaker Studio 1.4


  • BubbleDerp
  • ABeelzemon

Sprite Artists And Composers:

  • MLGooseTV
  • Meganaut
  • Christablook
  • Care
  • Dr_Weed
  • Finitus
  • TheNewOrchestra

A Load Of Beta / Alpha Testers:

  • Too many to list...

Install instructions

Windows only for now. Download and double click.


Petscop 3d Recreation Alpha 1.2 10 MB

Development log


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Is there going to be an Apple version?

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Most likely yes, we are currently trying to finish the windows version first so that we can easily see incompatibilities and patch them :)

okie thank you


Hyped to see what y'all make! Good luck!