A downloadable game for Windows

This is a recreation of Petscop an online webseries which is based on a PS1 game. Sadly, Petscop is unplayable. That is why a group of people and I are recreating Petscop. Currently, the game is in beta. During this stage there will be no development on the story. We will be mainly working on key features such as animations, gameplay elements, menus, etc.

PETSCOP 3D is now open source: https://github.com/BubbleDerp/Petscop3D-Source

Join our Discord server for frequent updates on game development!

Discord Temporarily removed | Youtube | All Builds

Keyboard Controls:
X     = [Z]
O     = [D]
TRI   = [X]
SQU   = [S]
UP    = [↑]
DOWN  = [↓]
LEFT  = [→]
RIGHT = [←]
L1    = [W]
L2    = [E]
R1    = [R]
R2    = [T]
Window Size Controls:
Scale 1 = [1]
Scale 2 = [2]
Scale 3 = [2]
Windowed Fullscreen = [4]
Full screen = [5]
NTSC toggle = [6]
Keyboard to controller toggle = [7]

BubbleDerp, Wirelex, red, ZeroDragon

Kranas, red, uhhh

Lead Artist:
Rotten Venen

Sound Technicians:
ChocolateJake, ugng

Sprite Artists:
CartoonWarp, ChocolateJake, Christablook, Finitus, Free TV Warlord, xewz, Natsuki, Ness, Noogai223, pissmastermind, SlamGrene, TheNewOrchestra, TheNinjaKatie, TS|rootLM, ugng

Beta Testers:
Abbey, Cannedawesomeness, charlie, Ethan, marvin, MaxMouse, Orlando2303, Basebin, Sleepy Deino, The World Over Heaven, Eskimo

Install instructions

Windows only for now. Download and double click.


Petscop3D Beta 1.5 34 MB

Development log

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i find an ps1 on newmaker

why in the options say, Xbox controller but it doesn't work

press 7

just appear controllers of ps1, ps2, ps3 and ps4

how can the time pass more faster because im just found the door and i can't open, or can someone say how much time does it take?

Oh and to Find the door go to the even care and do the same that Paul did and once in the newmaker plane press 8

that make some icons appear in the screen marking where is the door in the grass and the building.

did anyone else end up in the school after walking out of even care?

i hope  someday they find the .iso

help. i can't find the door in the grass segment. i found a tv with a a playstation... thats all besides grass that i could find! can you help?


When at the brick house, keep going up left until you get to it! :)


still can't find it. maybe i haven't walked enough time? how long do you have to walk?

Like, around a minute

(1 edit)

still can't i will go the other way and see if that helps and remember beta 1.5

(1 edit)

press 8

(1 edit)

You can activate in-game help by pressing 


doesn't work mate

There are no Icons in the  corner when you press the button? Because that's the ingame help.

no like literally nothing happens

sorry! my mistake! i was using an older version!


I hope this is like a full game. Not JUST horror themed. :)

this is a creppypasta (scary story) recreation... so it HAS to be horror themed

I mean that I hope all 8 houses are there. giving it an option to make it normal or it's horror theme.

i see but he has no reference for the other houses... they are videos at youtube.com/petscop     i see what you mean though

Will their be a version for MAC.

it keeps telling me I have to download 'directx June 2010 and I have but it won't show the content. Any help?

Deleted post

how did you get the game to work? It won't for me.. just says I need to download 'directx June 2010' so I did and it STILL won't work

Deleted post


Awesome by the way

(1 edit) (-13)

this isn't a fan recreation, if you were a fan you would not be making this game, by making this game you are just defeating the mystery around not being able to play it

(1 edit) (+4)

Oh so what about Slender man, Sonic.exe, SCP Containment breach, Bigfoot are they not allowed too? btw they are based on the story and creepy-pasta's. What I'm going to do is give you a dislike, you deserved it, the mystery of this game is not that we are not able to play, it is what inside the game story itself!



(1 edit) (+3)

what?, sorry but  i have to be on Hillion side, the mystery behind petscop it's about the true story on what happened rather about the game itself, what you just told it's not just a lie,but a complete misinformation about  petscop,guess you're not a fan at all...

Really, they're fnaf fangames. Sonic fangames. Mario fangames, and so many more! Sonic.exe is scary. Sally.exe and more.

Kinda true but you you still wont be able to play the real game even tho it dosent exist. And this game is just based upon footage of the "real game" reincarnated into a playable game. 



the game : :)

me : no don't, please no don't do this to me


me : oh goddammit i need the admin password to download and i don't have it.

Bubble, if I may ask, what version of GameMaker are you using?

im kinda skeptical of the game, could someone tell me if ill get a virus or not?


You can check the source if you want :P

Is controller support gonna be available soon? I'd love to play this on a PS4 controller. 

it doesn't seem so, but you can always use programs like JoyToKey if you still wanna use one nonetheless

Nevermind, just realized you can switch between controller and keyboard input by pressing 7 :p

it is out now

is it possible to catch roneth? i couldn't

i dont believe so, i wouldnt waste your breath on it. apparently not even Paul himself could catch him, remember?

LoLoAlexLoLo you can't yet and 4868 Paul did catch roneth

Huh, SmartScreen block me access you should fix this.


how to fix ^

I know how to "fix" this. I just wanna tell that to the developer so they can try to remove it.

Well Bubble said he's not really working on it anymore. Wirelex is probably gonna take over, maybe he'll fix it.

What he not he still updates the game

Can someone tell me, how to find Hatch?


press 8

Does anybody know if its possible to burn this game onto a disk that a PS1 could read. Would love to play it on the OG Hardware.

They're making a ps1 rom for it lol

This game isn't formatted to PS3 controllers and there's no option to fix it. (as far as I know)


Omg, it's so good! Continue making this, i like it soooooo much! :D


So, how do I connect my XBox One controller?

*Adds bot to ping everyone* 

*Bans everyone who used it*

Where can I download the early versions of the game?

https://f.hs.vc/builds/ Here

How to enter (start) demo mode?

press z

(1 edit)

when and where

when and where

Can someone answer me. How(If this isn't true), when and where to start demo mode

Deleted post
(1 edit)

you cant, at least i dont think so

ah,you mean the demo mode? it's not completed as far i know.

Create or watch demos? Creating demos is easy: Play the game. As soon as you quit the game the demo is saved. Watching demos is easy too: Wait at the title screen. After an uncounted amount of time the demo will start. 

I didn't mean that. I meant how to enter demo mode from those petscop videos. Example: When Paul is removing petals from a flower and then in the demo mode it is in even care and at the treadmill is the same speed. Do you know what I mean

I don't think that's implemented yet.

Does anyone know why I downloaded the directx and it's still giving me an error message?


Does anyone know how to open the door in the newmaker plane?

Do you mean the hatch door (basement door)

Keep waiting at the door and once you here the beeping noises you can go in.

Although it could take 3 or 4 minutes or so. Just be patient and it will open

Did they put that censored stuff in, but made it uncensored

Can someone answer me

For now i have left the censored stuff out but I will add it later

OK. Thanks

Hi! Can someone upload a picture of the full NewMaker Plane? Thanks!

This, is probably the most effort I've seen put in a fan game, well, ever! Kutos, man!

Hello there! A friend of mine wanted to download this game, and it is saying something about needing to install DirectX from June 201X (the video was somewhat cropped so I could not see the exact year)

 Can somebody help us out here? Thank you for the effort!

DirectX 2010 is a driver required to run the game. P3D should auto open a window with a link to the drivers to make it easy for you :)

Hey, how do you open the table for the P2 talk? (Beta 1.4)

Deleted post

You can't. But here is a table on imgur: https://imgur.com/r/Petscop/el4d7


Oh. I'm so stupid. the controls are up here. Everything is good.

I can't seem to start the game. It won't open up a save file. i tried to click enter and it didn't work. Can someone explain this to me?

now when is the 1.5 beta?

This things they take time

OK Pall

I originally wanted to do a funny petscop reply, but your name is the best meme ever made. Not even my name on Twitter (John Sick from Minecraft Hunger Royale 2018) can top that. Can we just default dance on Pyrocynical's grave?


My computer's a toaster and lags on the gift plane and the newmaker plane. Is there a low-graphics performance mode or am I screwed?

(1 edit)

Not that I can find.

The settings are just controller-related, and they do not seem to do anything.

(1 edit)


there are no settings in-game ,i think bubblederp might make it sometime in near future , but right now it's impossible to change  graphics.

I don't have a solution, but i have a theory as to why that is: Too much content exists at a time.

First of all: Sprites. This game has to load in every single sprite in the game, to make the Nifty editor accessible at all times.

Second of all: I forgot what it's called, coming back later.  The world around the Newmaker is loaded in at all times. An idea to create less lag is to do it like crash bandicoot. Only load in what is on the screen and a bit further, but not everything.

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