A downloadable game for Windows

This is a recreation of Petscop an online webseries which is based on a PS1 game. Sadly, Petscop is unplayable. That is why a group of people and I are recreating Petscop. Currently, the game is in beta. During this stage there will be no development on the story. We will be mainly working on key features such as animations, gameplay elements, menus, etc.

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Discord | Youtube | All Builds

Keyboard Controls:
X     = [Z]
O     = [D]
TRI   = [X]
SQU   = [S]
UP    = [↑]
DOWN  = [↓]
LEFT  = [→]
RIGHT = [←]
L1    = [W]
L2    = [E]
R1    = [R]
R2    = [T]
Window Size Controls:
Scale 1 = [1]
Scale 2 = [2]
Scale 3 = [2]
Windowed Fullscreen = [4]
Full screen = [5]
NTSC toggle = [6]
Keyboard to controller toggle = [7]

BubbleDerp, Wirelex, red, ZeroDragon

Kranas, red, uhhh

Lead Artist:
Rotten Venen

Sound Technicians:
ChocolateJake, ugng

Sprite Artists:
CartoonWarp, ChocolateJake, Christablook, Finitus, Free TV Warlord, xewz, Natsuki, Ness, Noogai223, pissmastermind, SlamGrene, TheNewOrchestra, TheNinjaKatie, TS|rootLM, ugng

Beta Testers:
Abbey, Cannedawesomeness, charlie, Ethan, marvin, MaxMouse, Orlando2303, Basebin, Sleepy Deino, The World Over Heaven, Eskimo

Install instructions

Windows only for now. Download and double click.


Petscop3D Beta 1.3 21 MB

Development log

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Are going for cd cover for us to make a cd copy

the door will be in the next update

Incredible job guys! Can't wait to play it! Would you be interested in having translations for your build? I would love to participate for free!

that's actually a great idea,i would love to see a translation on this game,try to talk with BubbleDerp he might include your idea. :) 

so great that all great games are free! thank you very much


not exactly,all great games aren't free,dont you see half-life?

This is so damn awesome! I bet (if there are no copyright problems, if there are any at all because garalina doesn't really exist,) if you publish it to steam, so many people would buy this amazing completed title. Hell, i'm down to buy it! Just asking, is the only thing done in this game even care? Is there an underworld yet? And how do I catch roneth, or can I not yet? Thanks for this amazing recreation!

how do you get an xbox one controller working?

Currently you can't. But in 1.4 you will be able to.

Hi BubbleDerp, I was suggested to directly contact you for this: I was wondering if you guys could be interested in a free translation for the game into Italian! I'd be willing to offer my skills :) Cheers and thanks for your work!


well, I wish it was on mac!!!

Use Wine.

guys this game is in alpha but its not only about finding pets. this game is more horror than you will ever think about. there are glitches in the game ment SPECIAL for the story to be revealed watch game theorists for more info 

What all is supposed to be able to be done so far? I can't seem to find anything. There's a few rooms and some little things on the ground that I collect by walking on them, but that's all.

Same, I was expecting to find even care but you just have a few rooms so far and no pets. I'm looking forward to when they release an update.

You are going to far, this game almost got from alpha state and you already expecting to see Care, be patient 

ya, it must take awhile to get an exact copy of what the game looks like in the YT series, especially achieving the undergrounds. it's appreciated if you remain patient.

And don't forget the First person transition

is the newmaker plain in this 


I know this sounds kinda pushy but if your going to add more than just even care and make it a full game about saving pets (along with the darker side still their) I have a few ideas for levels I don't currantly have anyway of sharing the ideas but if you do create more levels and need help with concept art I would gladly help! 

Hey, could you guys possibly make an android port? I really want to play it on the go and I think it would get you some more players.

let the game be finished first maybe BubbleDerp make this port after the game is done.

It mainly depends on if I get an android phone to test on.

There is an Android emulator for PC, but i dont remember whats it called, but i am sure there is one.

I have a problem with the controls. I dont have anything conected and the start key doesn´t work

hey,anyone just a important information to anyone that is not on the discord (bubblederp sent this to the server and i think any one that is here following this project  should know and understand what can happen to it)

he sayed in the annoucement section that

''for some fucking reason the shaders in p3d won't compile after i tried to add replays and i have no fucking idea why so I will put up the source code for others to look at and if they can't find the problem then I am gonna cancel p3d.''  

''in the mean time

i am gonna work on my own game

that is not petscop related

The title of it is Quoy
feel free to google it

it is gonna be multiplayer'' 

also he stated that 

''I'm not gonna cancel it but development will be set back quite a bit as i will have to re add stuff If the shaders can't be fixed''  

that's just to clarify if the game does not have constant updates as before.  feel free to enter the pestcop discord server to get more news about the game 


Don't worry already in the progress of fixing it :)


Good luck with the project guys!

It says the game is not avaliable on windows on the itch app

then download in the windows version

I did this, I just wanted to report the problem

oh ok,but hey try contact itch.io support they might help you :)

been following since the start!

YES,beta 1.1 is HERE!!!!!!!

This is really good so far! Can't wait for the rest!

It says to it escape or return to start, it doesn't work. please help.

(1 edit)

If you have any controllers/controller drivers, disconnect or disable them. Keyboard controls should work fine then.

Hey, It's an awesome recreation, but I can't play all the game after the "Even Care". When you're gonna fix it?

 "Even Care" isn´t finished according to Bubble Derp.

Is it as creepy as the last PetsCop?, If it is, I will play it in it's entirety

Petscop not PetsCop

hey!!! guy!!!, when do you think you'll have ready even care? 

Is there a way to get inside Even Care? 

Not yet, sorry. I just wanted to get this out because it has been a while since the last build.

I think this is REALLY COOL you need to spend your time and make this a great remake! ( btw i like how you added that you could use a controller!)

i have scary open that becouse is not my laptop,so is virus or not????!!!

nothing happened to my pc so i think is trustable

thx :D


Awesome project! One suggestion... Could you be a dear and make a MacOS version? Nobody makes a MacOS version of anything, and you could be the one to change that! Come on, just one port? Plz? For your fans?

im not in the project but this question was aleardy answered,it says something like this... 'mac version will be made after the game would be finished' something like that i dont remember where he respond that question,but yes mac version is possible or even in creation. :)

(1 edit)

While compiling GameMaker projects for OSX is supported, you have to compile it on a machine running OSX (there's no way to compile an OSX version from Windows, as a developer certificate is needed for OSX programs to run).

Although I'm pretty sure that OSX builds will happen, it is a bit of a pain to compile the game on two separate computers.

alright then, on the bright side your windows builds seem 100% compatible with wineskins, so that could also be an option. Another option could also be using a virtual machine running Mac OS 

tbh this ps1 font that's being used in this web-page makes  me in a whole new level of hype in this project. which is great 

I cant get to even care for some reason. any help?

Because even care isn't finished yet.


Is it really that hard for everyone to figure out how to type?


What are the keys you need to add a name file

Could you make a version for mace, or atleast make it playable on mac? When I try to run it on wine, it says that I file is missing.

another guy asked the same thing  and bubblederprespond saying the he will first make the game and after that he will port to mac,so just wait 

hey buddy, I got it to work in wineskins, you have to install This: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=8109 before installing the game. Just copy the installer into a folder with the game, then in wineskins, copy the folder wineskins, select the installer from Microsoft and click test run. After that select the game add an icon and your done.

Alright, thanks.

wtf are the controls mainly x

i can not play the game i did what it sed but no

(1 edit)

try re-download the game  and give me some more information about the problem 

Where is Care? I only found Marvin in the Newmaker Plane.


try going through all the walls in the room with tool and roneth.



So, is start enter for the pc?

Hello! I'm a big fan of the Petscop game series that Petscop (www.youtube.com/Petscop) is playing! If you need any help with writers for the dialouge, I'd love to help! I can't make anything else, other than Dialouge and maybe some tips to help make it better (a bit). I'd love to be a part of the Dev community for this project! Awesome job on the recreation so far, too!

I hope the Future we get difficult puzzles like in the real game I love it soo far I am excited I always want petscop in pc soo I can play it too

just wondering coz I'm fucking retarded...I cant get past the screen where you name the file coz it wont enter any letters no matter what I press! ive pressed both enters, shift and tab and nothing is working??? H3lP?????????????

try press z  c or v

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