New Build 1.7!

  • Updated Camera
  • Removed Christmas
  • Added Secrets




Petscop 3d Recreation 1.7 14 MB
Jan 13, 2018

Get Petscop: 3D Fan Recreation


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I need help with the download of 1.7 petscop

When I press Download Now it would bring me to 1.0

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There's a new "All Builds" section with an archive of most public builds. Here's the link to it.


i was just walking on the newmaker plane and found him

i think i found marvin 

aka the shadow monster man

oh meh god

I also found the secret quitters room next to Tool.


Deleted post

You smart cookies. This is glorious. I found Care and Marvin....

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is enter start for the computer


yes. I've been waiting a whole month for this update.